Vulnerable business travellers


Understand the unique challenges faced by vulnerable business travellers

Ensuring the safety of your vulnerable employees when they travel for business is vital.

The potential impact of not fulfilling your duty of care responsibilities can be severe and wide-ranging, impacting on your finances, operational capability and reputation.

As the number of female and gender and sexual diversity business travellers continues to grow, it's essential your organisation understands the unique challenges faced by vulnerable travellers.

This is why we've created a dedicated travel advice guide for vulnerable business travellers, offering advice from travel experts as well as our in-house operations team.

Who is this white paper for?

  • Those responsible for corporate travel and keeping employees safe
  • Those responsible for ensuring duty of care obligations are fulfilled
  • Those responsible for minimising organisational risks
  • Those responsible for the well-being of employees

What you'll learn

  • Meet your duty of care obligations
  • Identify the challenges faced by vulnerable business travellers
  • Provide travel advice to female, LGBTQ+ and disabled travellers
  • Minimise the likelihood of organisational impacts
  • Understand how Drum Cussac can ensure the safety of your people

Who are we?

To put it simply, Drum Cussac are responsible for ensuring the safety of 15 million people around the globe each day. We combine almost 20 years of security experience with in-house expertise and market-leading technology to help businesses like yours mitigate risk.

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