Security & travel risk analysis for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

Minimise travel risk and ensure the safety of your travellers at this summer's World Cup.

The Russian Federation will host the 21st FIFA World Cup this summer between 14 June and 15 July. This highly anticipated event is a key business opportunity for many global organisations who need to ensure they fulfil their Duty of Care to their employees, maintain their brand reputation and prioritise the safety of employees.

In this white paper, we use our global intelligence expertise to analyse the current security risks present in Russia and highlight the key issues that may impact Duty of Care obligations for businesses with personnel heading to the World Cup.

This white paper examines in detail:

  • The current security risk levels within Russia so you can make more informed decisions
  • Key safety tips to ensure employee safety whilst travelling
  • How best to minimise risks and protect your people and your business
  • How our expert team enables you to fulfil your Duty of Care obligations

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