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Protect your business and people from the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season

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What would you do if your business or employees were caught up in a hurricane? 

Minimise the impact of hurricanes on your people and your operational continuity

Drum Cussac can help keep your people safe before, during or after a hurricane

Drum Cussac are risk and security experts. We help you mitigate risk, but should the worst happen, we can also act quickly in a crisis. We empower organisations to implement their travel risk management programme with simple, easy-to-use technology platform to keep your people safe and organisation running as usual. From people tracking to risk alerting, from in-depth country analysis to full blown evacuations - we can help.

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"We never have to worry about how you manage an evacuation - we always trust you to do the right thing for our clients"

Expert advice on mitigating hurricane risks in 2019 

Read this white paper to understand what risks you may face, and how to mitigate them accordingly. Discover:

  • Expert analysis of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season 
  • How to manage risk during a hurricane
  • How to manage risk after a hurricane
  • Expert survival tips for your travellers
  • Risk management technology
  • Real people evacuations during Cyclone Winston in Fiji and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico 

Last October, Hurricane Michael caused the closure of 10 airports and 100s of flight cancellations after one day. What if your employees were stranded at the airport? How would you fulfil your duty of care and ensure their safety?

The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season could have a serious impact on business operations and your people. You need to be prepared.