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Protect your business from the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season

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96% of organisations have operations exposed to natural catastrophes, but almost two-thirds of businesses don’t think they’re properly prepared to deal with the effects of a hurricane.

Make sure you understand and prepare for the risks before your employees travel to hurricane-prone regions to minimise any negative impacts to your people and your business. 

Our free white paper will help you understand the risks your business faces and enable you to plan effectively for the coming hurricane season. We keep more than 15 million people safe on a daily basis and have helped ensure the operational continuity of organisations in the wake of some of the biggest hurricanes in living memory, including Maria, Irma and Jose.

If you have operations or travellers in a hurricane-risk locations, this white paper is for you.

Who is this white paper for?

  • Anyone responsible for managing business risk
  • Security professionals 
  • HR or Travel Managers responsible for employee travel

Why you need this white paper:

  • To understand the risks posed across your business by hurricanes
  • How to manage hurricane risks before, during and after the storm
  • What to expect in the 2018 season, and which regions are most at risk
  • The measures you need to take to keep your business safe
  • How Drum Cussac can ensure the safety of your people and operations
  • The future of hurricanes and your business
  • Printable hurricane checklists

Who is Drum Cussac?
We’ve been keeping people safe around the globe for 15 years. We combine our in-house expertise with market-leading technology to protect businesses like yours. Find out more at

Minimise the impact of hurricanes on your people and your operational continuity
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