Bleisure travel


Understand how to implement policies that protect both the business and its employees

We've written this guide to help you better understand the challenges posed by bleisure travel

Bleisure travel, or combining business travel with leisure time, is becoming increasingly popular, with more than 70 percent of business travellers now extending trips by a few days. However, bleisure travel is not without its risks. Key challenges include understanding where responsibility lies for the traveller’s well-being and how to implement policies that protect both the business and its employees.

Who is this white paper for?

  • Those responsible for corporate travel and keeping employees safe
  • Those responsible for ensuring duty of care obligations are fulfilled 
  • Those responsible for minimising organisational risks 
  • Those responsible for the well-being of employees

What you'll learn

  • What bleisure travel is and who takes bleisure travel trips
  • The challenges associated with bleisure travel
  • Your legal duty of care responsibilities
  • How to implement a bleisure policy for your travellers
  • Identify the business benefits of bleisure travel
  • Understand how Drum Cussac can support you in protecting your travellers and business

Who are we?

To put it simply, Drum Cussac are responsible for ensuring the safety of 15 million people around the globe each day. We combine almost 20 years of security experience with in-house expertise and market-leading technology to help businesses like yours mitigate risk.

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