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2019 Global Risk Map

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Increase your situational awareness and understanding of potential threats your organisation could face in 2019

A forecast and analysis of global risk for 2019

Drum Cussac, global security and risk consultants, have released a new white paper highlighting the key threats that organisations need to be aware of in 2019.

With the world becoming a more complex and dangerous place for individuals and organisations alike, its vital that you understand the potential threats your organisation faces in order to respond effectively. 

In this white paper, our intelligence analysts go into detail on topics such as Brexit, the recent US mid-terms, Islamist militants in West and East Africa as well as terrorism in Southeast Asia.

Download this white paper and understand:

  • The developing global situations you need to be aware of in 2019
  • The threats these may pose to your operational continuity
  • How Drum Cussac can ensure the safety of your people and your organisation

Drum who?
To put it simply, Drum Cussac are responsible for ensuring the safety of 15 million people around the globe each day. We combine almost 20 years of security experience with in-house expertise and market-leading technology to help businesses like yours mitigate risk and keep organisations running normally.

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